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The Lead Machine Swipe File will show you exactly how to.....
  • Create the perfect landing page
  • ​Use 2 and 3 step lead generation right away
  • ​Get the cash register ringing on your THANK YOU Page
  • ​Get your prospect to give you their email AND phone number
  • ​Make 'ice cold traffic' fall in love with you
  • ​Create lead magnets that your audience BEGS for
  • ​Model landing pages so you can go LIVE with your funnel in just 9 minutes
  • ​Write hyper-persuasive HOOKS and HEADLINES in no time flat
  • ​Generate UNLIMITED IDEAS for your lead magnets and ‘freemiums’
  • ​​Hook your ideal customer so they can’t say ‘no’
  • ​Use social proof and testimonials to skyrocket optins
  • ​Get your audience salivating for your special free offer
  • Create desire with graphics and pics that tug at your prospect’s wallet
Free Bonus 1 # : Limitless Lead Generation Guide (Value : $29.45)
  • ​Mindset of successful lead generators and how you can apply in your business
  • Highly effective methods for generating new leads from scratch.
Free Bonus 2 # :  Marketing Secrets Pod-Cast (Value : Priceless )
  • What to do while you wait for your paid ads to work
  • ​How to keep the momentum going even when paid ads aren’t working.
  • Why people who listen to podcasts are the best buyers. 
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